Proud to support the Utility Strike Avoidance Group to raise industry standards



Proud to support the Utility Strike Avoidance Group to raise industry standards

We’re proud to be members of the Utility Strike Avoidance Group (USAG). The USAG is a collaborative body of utility asset owners, contractors and suppliers, aiming to raise the standards of safety when working with or around utilities.
Utility strikes are costing the industry millions of pounds in repairs, project delays and reputational damage, not to mention the catastrophic impact it can have to the safety of those working nearby. According to research conducted by the University of Birmingham, the indirect and social cost of a utility strike in the UK is a staggering 29:1, compared to direct cost of repair (Dr. Lewis Makana, 2016).
We work closely with utility and construction companies as well as local authorities to identify and verify the exact location and position of buried utilities including pipes and cables before excavation or construction work begins. These works are undertaken in accordance with the internationally recognised BSI PAS128 specification. By knowing the exact location of utilities underground, our aim is to help mitigate the risk of a service strike and avoid any surprises or costly design changes, and helping protect the lives of those working around the asset.
Trevor Moore, Head of Infrastructure (UK) comments:

‘The world beneath us is getting busy and for our clients we want to mitigate any form of risk this may pose during work involving the breaking of ground. We offer utility surveys using a combination of the latest tech, progressive workflows and a team of talented geophysicists to ensure we not only deliver the highest quality data in the shortest possible time, but assurance that our clients can work with confidence. Our support of the USAG further demonstrates our commitment to promote best practice and improve health and safety standards to avoid utility strikes.’

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