Three Peaks Challenge success with over £2000 raised for Macmillan Cancer Support


3 Peaks Challenge 2019

Three Peaks Challenge success with over £2000 raised for Macmillan Cancer Support

13 brave surveyors from Murphy Surveys UK donned their trekking boots to test their physical and mental strength, to tackle the 3 Peak Challenge in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.


The challenge involves climbing over 3064 metres and walking 23 miles in 24 hours, ascending Ben Nevis in Scotland (1345m) Scafell Pike in England (978m) and finally Snowdon in Wales (1085m).


The hikers included members from across the business from laser scanning, utilities, monitoring and BIM, who successfully battled through the elements from the glorious sunshine to sideways rain with low visibility to conquer the 3 peaks and successfully complete the challenge.


Thomas Townley our Senior Surveyor takes up the story:

“It was 2am and as I lay in my youth hostel bunkbed, I was wondering what was keeping me awake more. The sound of the snoring coming through the wall or the driving rain on the skylight. Both tiredness and rain were to be the main themes for the next 48 hours as the Murphy Surveys 3 Peaks Challenge arrived in Fort William.


The challenge was to climb the three highest peaks in their respective countries within the UK. Ben Nevis in Scotland, Scafell Pike in England and Snowdon in Wales. That totals 23 miles of walking, climbing 3064 meters and 463 miles in a minibus. All to be done in under 24 hours.


The team of 13, from both London and Manchester set off on the Saturday evening, in pouring rain, up into the cloud surrounding the peak of Ben Nevis. For some, this was a tough welcome to the world of climbing mountains. The weather was terrible, and the terrain was tough and unrelenting, but everyone pushed themselves as far as they could to try and get to the top. A quick break at the summit for a photo and a rousing rendition of Savage Gardens – Truly Madly Deeply, and it was back down the slippery slope to the minibus, head torches on, dodging waterfalls, rivers and DIY boot repairs we walked on into the night.


Six and a half hours later we staggered out of the minibus at the foot of Scafell Pike. It was 4.30am and it was still raining hard and pitch black. It was at this point that the reality of having to keep ourselves to the 24 hour time limit hit home. Those who wanted to push for the 24 hour challenge set off as fast as their tired wet boots would take them and those who just wanted to say they had tried every mountain set off at a less frantic yet steady pace to see how far they could get. Scafell was dark, wet and steep, but as the light improved as did the mood and when the trig point came into view at the summit, we knew that we were halfway there. Another quick photo whilst trying not to lose the Murphy Surveys flag to the gale force wind and then it was back down as quickly as possible and back into the dry and now slightly stinky minibus.


By the time we arrived at the Pen-y-Pass car park in Wales ready to attempt Snowdon, we had 3.5 hours left to climb and descend to complete the challenge. Thankfully the rain had stopped, but now the muscles were really starting to hurt and the tiredness was taking over. However with teamwork and determination, Haribo and Twix bars, 3 of the team completed the challenge and got back to the bottom of Snowdon in under the 24 hours. The rest of the group, although unable to keep under the time limit still put in a huge effort and the majority attempted all 3 peaks and summited Ben Nevis and Snowdon. Everyone who took part did so in great spirits and supported each other throughout the trip.


We also managed to raise over £2000 for Macmillan Cancer Support. I would like to thank everyone involved for their efforts in raising so much money and for making the trip a real success.”


This is a fantastic achievement so well done to those that took part.


Check out our video from the day…




About Macmillan Cancer Support.  


Half of us will get cancer at some point in our lives. There are currently around 2.5 million people across the UK who are living with the consequences of a cancer diagnosis and this number is set to rise to 4 million by 2030. Every two minutes someone is diagnosed with cancer in the UK and it can affect anyone.


Macmillan provides medical, emotional, financial and practical help for cancer patients, from specialist cancer nurses to grants for cancer patients with money problems.


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