Site Engineering Services

Site Engineering Services

Murphy Surveys is not just an employment agency that provides setting out engineers to work on construction sites. We supply experienced surveyors together with a comprehensive surveying service, which utilises the latest surveying technology and efficient workflows to ensure you get a value added service and outstanding technical expertise. It is through our experienced team and quality assurance procedures, which enables early identification of potential survey related issues which may result from errors in dimensional control, inaccurate formwork and setting out errors which may be carried out by third parties.

Efficient workflows and quality checks are carried out safely in accordance with our ISO9001 and OHSAS18001 accredited management systems and documentation. With over 30 years experience in the surveying industry, we also provide our site based staff with technical support and guidance, to ensure all works are carried out correctly according to current ‘best practice’ methods. Murphy Surveys is privileged to have worked on a large range of projects requiring high precision vertical or horizontal control networks on high rise buildings, precise engineering setting out to sub-millimetre tolerance and setting out of complex structures which require specialist three dimensional setting out.

All survey activities are covered by our comprehensive employers and public liability and professional indemnity insurances, to reduce the risk associated with engineering surveying activities which can be very costly in the event of an error by the surveyor.

With a large team of skilled resources, we are able to provide additional resources and other enhanced services such as laser scanning or automated monitoring systems at short notice. If there is a leave of absence due to annual leave or illness we would be able to mobilise another engineer to cover any requirement.

Site Control

The only way to bring a project to conclusion within high tolerance and reduce the risk of dimensional errors is to establish and maintain a precise control network from start to finish.

The importance of an accurate control network cannot be over-emphasised. The provision of an accurate network will ensure that all survey work and future monitoring observations can be validated.

We use the latest Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Leica Robotic Total Stations and Digital Levels, with the leading traversing software to ensure absolute dimensional accuracy throughout a project.

Survey control points are located with sufficient redundancy measurements to detect measurement errors and ensure reliability. Control reports showing all observations and methodology used is provided to the client. The reports give a description of the project and the procedures used, the scope of the works performed, details on levels of accuracy and the finding of the survey.

Setting Out - Terminal 2, Dublin Airport

Setting Out

Positional accuracy is critical for all the elements of design and build to come together in a project.

Our engineering surveyors are experienced in the management of high-accuracy placement of infrastructure and buildings.

Setting Out prevents the costs, delays and disputes that can arise due to mistakes made with positioning. It gives effective, reliable and accurate results and is cost-effective, fast and precise. Setting Out surveys ensure that the quality of work completed meets the design specifications of the infrastructure and buildings.

We manage high-accuracy placement of infrastructure and buildings using Leica Total Stations, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), established procedures, and strict testing measures.

Murphy Surveys have countless experience and proven ability to manage large scales ventures. Recent projects include work for Crossrail and Network Rail.

As-Built Surveys

As-built surveys are normally carried out after a project to show the actual condition of the completed project. They are requested by many industries to show improvements to the property at a particular point of time. They can also be carried out on existing sites to merge the design and minimise delays during fabrication and construction. As-built surveys may be used for commercial or residential properties.

Benefits of as-built surveys include remote data capture and the fast data capture is critical on sites with limited access thus reducing costs. The high density data capture also benefits the design as it allows for more flexibility in the design decision making. An as-built survey reduces the costs and downtime associated with construction rework, site revisits and field changes.

Murphy Surveys expert team of qualified surveyors can survey and map any build and offer bespoke survey methods as required for any project.

Deliverables can be produced in a large range of formats including 2D and 3D plan drawings, sections, profiles and volumes, Autodesk Civil 3D surfaces, MX GENIO and LandXML outputs, 3D modelling, 3D animation, fly-through videos, 3D visualisation and Building Information Modelling (BIM).

As-Built Surveys

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