The Greater West Electrification – As-Built Surveys

The Greater West Electrification – As-Built Surveys

About This Project

Murphy Surveys were contracted by ABC Electrification to complete as-built surveys for installed piles from Patchway to Cardiff. The accurate as-built survey of installed foundations together with adjacent topographic detail, were required to provide further design input data to enable GRIP 4 & 5 OLE designs to be undertaken for the electrification of Route Sections 8 & 9 (Bristol Patchway to Cardiff) of the Great Western Main Line routes.

Survey Requirements

Existing installed control stations were utilised and were transferred from Local to OS Grid. For each pile foundation, the boss positions and fixing bolts were surveyed at the top of the pile, as well as the similar positions at ground level.
At each cross section, the rails were captured using a rail shoe. Positional information on the rail head were picked up adjacent to the cross section and at 5m intervals before and after the cross-section location.
The survey requirements formed the basis of the OLE design and therefore it was critical that all values and dimensions were demonstrated to be accurate and correct.
All deliverables were delivered as 3D wireframes in Microstation V8i illustrating the model and cross sections of the piles together with a database of co-ordinated and coded points for entry into the project managed database.
Bespoke workflows were created together with advanced QA checks on the datasets which allowed for automatic error checking and completeness checks which aided delivery of an accurate dataset.
Under the contract we completed checks on aprox 1000 piles This was a particularly challenging project due to short night time possessions. Murphy Surveys worked closely with the client to schedule efficient shifts and achieve the set target of piles per shift. Several aspects have been taken into consideration such as location of piles, possession limitations, alignment of tracks and location of access points.

Client Testimonial

“Murphy Surveys joined The Greater West when ABC identified the need to provide accurate delivery of as-built foundation data to designers. Murphy’s were initially brought in to overcome staff shortages, though after receipt of initial data, ABC recognised the quality of their work. Working together, ABC and Murphy’s established quality assurance standards and processes for Murphy’s to complete prior to data delivery.
To support the increasing levels of as-built data that were being received, a system was developed to verify the information with on the fly quality assurance. Thanks to Murphy’s early engagement and technical input in the development of this system, it was very successful.
Murphy’s surpassed ABC’s expectations with their attention to detail and comprehensive approach in their quality assurance document, which they developed to support their quality checks. This gave ABC great confidence in their delivery.
Murphy’s exemplary service did not stop at engineering delivery, their operations management was superior to other survey contractors on the project. Murphy’s proactive approach to sharing progress and their initiatives for planning works influenced wider communications across the project team and meant all parties were always in sync.”

Philip Pitman, Data Acquisition Manager, ABC Electrification

Cross Section at Pile Location

Cross Section at Pile Location


ABC Electrification



Survey Type

As-Built Surveys


18 months


Leica TS15 Total Station GS14 GNSS Receivers

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