Thameslink Upgrade Project

Thameslink Upgrade Project

About This Project

Murphy Surveys was contracted to assist with various surveying works on the Thameslink K02 Project. The surveys were carried out to assist with the track remodelling which forms the final piece of the Thameslink programme, to enable the frequency of trains to increase from 16 to 24 per hour.

Survey Requirements

  • Primary Control – As part of the works the primary control network needed to be established and maintained during the contract. Additional secondary control was installed and all co-ordinated and double levelled to high tolerances as required by the rail industry the Thameslink Specification documents.
  • Track Surveys – Track surveys were carried out using conventional total station measurements and a rail shoe for small topographic updates or the Amberg GRP1000 track trolley and static laser scanning for larger areas and as-built verification surveys.
  • Laser Scanning – Specific locations were laser scanning to assist with the gantry design. We used the Leica P20 HDS laser scanner to scan each gantry location. The scan data was provided in manageable sections as specified in the NWR/Thameslink specification along with light intensity Tru-views™.
  • Processing – All deliverables were delivered as 3D wireframes in Microstation V8i and all survey control observations were processed through Starnet and supplied to NWR to approve the final adjustment prior to any post processing. Survey data and drawings were uploaded onto the NWR/Thameslink Projectwise database and were carried out in adherence to the Thameslink Specification.

Survey Type

Track Survey
Laser Scanning




7 months


Approx 10km track


Case Studies, Laser Scanning & BIM, Rail Survey Services, Survey & Engineering