Surveys for the Exterior Refurbishment of Guy’s Hospital, London

Surveys for the Exterior Refurbishment of Guy’s Hospital, London

About This Project

Client Requirement

A prominent landmark on the London skyline, this is the second tallest hospital in the world at 34 storeys or 143 metres high.
A partnership between Arup and Healthcare Architect of the Year Penoyre and Prasad was established to carry out the exterior refurbishment of the tower, by addressing issues associated with the structure, facade, windows, roof and energy use. The aim was to revitalise the main building using innovative solutions that are energy efficient and environmentally responsible.

They required:
– Topographic and measured building surveys.
– High definition surveying.
– Laser scanning to produce accurate data cloud images and models of structures, plans and buildings.
– Sections and elevations to be accurately interpolated from 3D point cloud data.
– Matrix grid across each elevation to measure from the grid lines back to face of the buildings to see whether the tower structures lean in or out.
– Degree of accuracy +/- 6mm.


Murphy Surveys successfully completed the following as per the client’s requirements:
– Control and topographic surveys of the tower and adjacent areas with permanent control stations around the site and on the facades of the towers. The deliverables were related to OS Grid and Datum by high accuracy GPS and total station survey methods, presented as a 2D topographical plan, witness diagrams and a survey report on the control network.
– Elevation survey of the facades using 3D laser scanning.
– Internal survey of the majority of the floor and roof levels presented as 2D internal floor plans.
– Survey of cross and interface sections.
– 3D wireframe model of the external facades and internal structural features.
– Matrix grid intersection at 1m spacing density across the whole elevation to be set up and survey data to provide positive or negative value from the vertical/horizontal plane to the façade.
– Due to our multi-disciplined approach to complete data capturing, we were able to provide the client with additional data at a later stage, without returning to the site.


Arup / Penoyre & Prasad

Survey Type

3D Laser Scanning
Facades & Elevations
Measured Building




1 Month


Laser Scanner
Total Station


Case Studies, Laser Scanning & BIM, Survey & Engineering