Site Services, Embassy Gardens, South London

Site Services, Embassy Gardens, South London

About This Project

Murphy Surveys was responsible for the successful installation and maintenance of a precise control network of Phase 1 at the Embassy Gardens site in Battersea, South London which would lead to being integral to the successful completion of the project. Embassy Gardens is part of the large scale, multi-million pound development on the South Bank of the Thames which will create 2000 new homes, 600,000 square feet of office space and in excess of 100,000 square feet of retail and leisure space.
The successful implementation of the control network meant that all subsequent construction work could be accurately positioned to the required specifications. Additionally, Murphy Surveys were required to be present on site for the duration of the project, providing expertise in all site engineering works ranging from high precision setting out to detailed as-built construction drawings. Quality Assurance was provided throughout the project by way of continual checks on the relevant sub-contractors works. The works provided by Murphy Surveys were essential for the project to run efficiently and effectively.
Having successfully completed the first phase of construction, Murphy Surveys are currently involved in the early stages of the second phase of construction at Embassy Gardens which will include the three prestigious Legacy Buildings, two of which will be joined by London’s first sky pool, the first design of its kind in the world. Murphy Surveys are expected to carry out the same procedures during phase 2 and would hope to continue this strong relationship with the Ballymore Group into phase 3 and the final phase of construction.
Survey Requirements and Specifications
Murphy Surveys was required to install a robust control network surrounding the Embassy Gardens site, away from any unwanted movement from the construction works. The control network would be the basis for the precise positioning of all proceeding construction works for the duration of the project therefore durability, accuracy and precision were essential. Murphy Surveys then set about observing the network in a closed loop traverse with multiple cross bracing, utilising the latest Leica Survey Instrumentation. The control network was then processed and analysed for handover. The network was to be checked on a regular basis throughout the project with any adjustments being made and dealt with immediately.
Throughout the construction, Murphy Surveys were also required to extend the control network into the site and up through the various floors of the relevant buildings. The highest building contained 21 floors. This was to be completed through a combined program of traversing and vertical transfer of control through the use of high power laser plummets.
Additionally, Murphy Surveys were required to:
• Set out grid lines on all floors of all constructed buildings
• Install precise level datum’s on all floors of all constructed buildings
• Survey full as-built’s of the concrete framework on all floors of all constructed buildings
• Through continuous on site survey checks, provide quality assurance of all stages of construction setting out so the project met the required specifications
• Be on hand to produce any relevant site surveys and produce detailed drawings that were required by the client to aid the successful completion of the Embassy Gardens project
Key Statistics
• 2,600,000 sq ft mixed use community of apartments, office space, retail and leisure, grocery store and flexible work and community space
• 2,000 new homes
• Potential for up to 600,000 sq ft of office space
• In excess of 100,000 sq ft of retail and leisure space
• 100 bed hotel
• New Embassy plaza
• New linear park linking Vauxhall with Battersea Park
• Architects: Terry Farrell and Partners (Masterplan), Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, Fielden Clegg Bradley, and FLACQ (individual buildings)


Ballymore Group


Housing & Retail

Survey Type

Site Engineering


Phase 1 - Feb 2013 to April 2015


Leica TS30 + TS15 Total Stations; Leica DNA03 DNA Digital Level; Leica GPS1200; Geo-Fennel FLP100 Laser Plummet


Case Studies, Survey & Engineering