Site Investigation at Medway Community College, Kent

Site Investigation at Medway Community College, Kent

About This Project

Client Requirement

The client required a site investigation in order to assess constraints, and to look for design opportunities. This included:

– Non-intrusive magnetometer survey
– Topographic survey
– Underground utility survey
– Ecology survey
– Noise survey
– Visual structural and measureding build survey


– A non-intrusive magnetometer survey was carried out for risk mitigation measures, checking for explosive ordnance. The area had been heavily bombed during WWII.
– A topographic survey of the area including buildings, trees, paths, roads, shrubs, hedges and other relevant features.
– An underground utilities/drainage survey to map the location, depth and alignment of all buried services with special attention to household connections using a number of methods including Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) and Radio Detection.
– An ecology survey including an evaluation of the site’s potential to support protected species and other species of concern for conservation.
– Noise survey in accordance with the requirements of BB93: “Acoustic design of schools” and BS 7445: 1991 “Description and measurement of environmental noise Part 2 – Acquisition of data pertinent to land use”. The procedure required continuous automated noise monitoring over a minimum period of seven days and manual measurements to be conducted in parallel with an inspection of the general area in order to identify any significant noise sources and/or any noise-sensitive premises.


Mace Group

Survey Type

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
Underground Utility
Measured Building




1 Month


11 Hectares


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Total Station, Magnetometer, AutoCAD


Case Studies, Subsurface Mapping, Survey & Engineering