Flordon Cutting, Norfolk Network Rail Automated Monitoring

Flordon Cutting, Norfolk Network Rail Automated Monitoring

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Project Overview / Project description

A section of an embankment on a Network Rail line in the Norfolk area had been noted to be moving. To mitigate the ongoing deterioration, there was a proposal to regrade that section of the track using Class 6B fill for the berm and Class 1A for the upper slope. Murphy Surveys were instructed by the client carrying out the regrading works to set up an automated monitoring system that would show real time information that can be shared with Network Rail. To protect Network Rail infrastructure, the tracks and OHLE structures within the zone of influence plus 30m either side of this zone was to be monitored.

The purpose of the monitoring was to define a level of acceptable movement (baseline values) before construction works commenced. These values then formed the basis for construction phase monitoring. The aim of the construction phase monitoring was to confirm that the structures and track was behaving as is anticipated and that there is no movement beyond allowable and agreed limits.


Survey Requirements

A solid, fixed control post manufactured from steel was installed which has been made for in-situ long term projects. This was installed outside the zone of influence without the need to access the rail tracks. This comprehensive and robust system operated in sync and sent real-time information to the web-based system for immediate viewing and interpretation of results. Track prisms were installed at every 3m for the section of the tracks required. Targets were also installed to OHLE structures within the zone of influence. Baseline readings were taken for no less than 7 days duration prior to any work commencing on site.


MSL installed the following instrumentation:

  • 1 x Automated Total Station (ATS) measuring…
  • 42 track mounted monitoring reflectors on the Down Road railway line.
  • 34 glass prisms on the CESS board on the Down Road and along the embankment.


Network Rail

Survey Type





12 months


ATS (TM50) System


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