BIM for 250+ TK Maxx Stores

BIM for 250+ TK Maxx Stores

About This Project

TK Maxx contracted Murphy Surveys to complete internal and external measured building surveys, 2D plans, elevations and cross-sections and Building Information Models for the purposes of ongoing refurbishment and refit works to existing stores, and expansion into new stores across the UK and Ireland.

TK Maxx use the BIM to ensure faster and smoother store refit and construction. Murphy Surveys have worked with TK Maxx since 2010, and have delivered over 250+ models of sites in Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland and Germany.

Specialist survey crews were mobilised to undertake the work. Survey teams visited the various store locations throughout the UK and Ireland based on an agreed program of works with the client. It was important that flexibility also remained should the program need to change at any point.

MSL survey crews were required to visit the stores during normal working hours. Due to our nonintrusive methods and experience in such environments we could easily survey the store without disruption to the store activities. This provided a fast, accurate and cost effective solution to the client. The stores were quickly surveyed using a combination of High Definition Lasers scanning (HDS) and Total Station (TPS) methods. The survey data was then checked and QA at our head office and processed to produce the required 2D and 3D drawings. Our solution provided the client with a faster design to finished store process.

Leica C10 HDS Scanner
Faro MS120
Leica High Precision Total Station
Nikon Digital Camera


TJX Europe

Survey Type

3D Laser Scanning
Building Information Modelling (BIM)
As-Built Survey
Measured Building






7,500,000 square feet


Case Studies, Laser Scanning & BIM, Survey & Engineering