Beaconsfield House

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Surrounded by a large and beautiful garden, Beaconsfield House is a prominent Edwardian house situated in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, UK. The owners approached Scenario Architecture with a brief to substantially extend and completely redesign the interior of the house, while respecting and celebrating its period character. The intention to extensively renovate and extend an existing prominent period house inevitably creates a delicate interface between the old and the new, which must be dealt with accuracy and extra care and great attention to details.
The immediate context of the site, within a beautiful and mature landscaped garden, resulted in views from and to the garden forming important part of the brief. This meant that before starting the design process, an accurate 3D model had to be created of the entire garden, including tree levels and flowerbeds. Traditionally Scenario used standard 2D CAD surveys, but they now use BIM for all projects no matter how big or small, which means they only use laser scan survey with point cloud data to create BIM models.
Scenario have been working with Murphy Surveys for a number of years as their preferred measurement partner for all projects. They had previously worked with a few competitors in the past but always had issues with data accuracy, interface with clients and delivery timeframes.
Murphy Surveys were responsible for a full 3D laser scan based survey as well as an underground services CCTV survey of the site. The resulting data was used by Scenario to create the BIM model that would form the basis for their uniquely interactive design process.
The team design solely in 3D, and use 3D models and Virtual Reality tours to demonstrate designs and collaborate with clients. The BIM model is the foundations of this process from inception to completion, so starting with an accurate 3D survey is an integral part of the firms standard workflow.

Client Testimonial

“We use BIM as a standard for all projects, big and small, starting always with an accurate existing model based on a laser scan. We found the collaboration with Murphy Surveys ideal to streamline this process and have been working with them for a few years now as our preferred option for most projects.”
“We find the team helpful and responsive, the data is always accurate and complete and any special requests we have for particular projects are easily accommodated. Our clients are also very happy with the professional conduct of the survey team and we highly recommend them to anyone.”

Ran Ankory, Director, Scenario Architecture
 Beasonsfield House Ground Floor
Beasonsfield House First Floor
Pictured above: Ground and first floor plans for Beaconsfield House


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Laser scanning for BIM


Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, UK


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