Photographic Surveys

Photographic Surveys

Murphy Surveys use Aerial, Rectified and Elevated Photography to provide photographic surveys to our clients.

Aerial Photography is the used to capture very large areas cost effectively, quickly, homogeneously and accurately. Rectified Photography digitally removes distortion and perspective to produce scaled images from which dimensions can be taken, and accurate elevations drawn. Elevated Photography is taken using a telescopic mast, photos are taken from varying heights up to 15m for a complete overview of a site.

Our photographic surveys are cost-effective, fast, safe, accurate and versatile. These high-detail surveys provide exceptionally fast and objective data capture. Data can be provided for drawings, e.g. surface texture and features and details and measurements can be taken as needed from scaled images.

Deliverables can be produced in a large range of formats including AutoCAD, Genio, X,Y,Z, 3D Point Cloud, 3D Models, 3D Animation/Fly-Through Videos, Digital Terrain Models (DTM), Contour Models, Vector Mapping, Cross Sections, High-Resolution Ortho photography and Video Imagery.

Elevated Photography

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