Murphy UAV

Murphy UAV implements the latest in cutting edge technology in conjunction with a highly skilled team of personnel to enhance capabilities and deliverables for our clients.

The technology of the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) will change the way in which inspections are carried out. Traditional methods can take time as well as multiple resources in order to complete, the introduction of the UAV will reduce this time drastically and also require a smaller workforce. As well as this, the UAV can carry out inspections in areas which may previously have been too hazardous or have been deemed inaccessible.

The UAV will act as an eye in the sky for our clients, opening more opportunities and delivering greater results than ever before.

Murphy UAV
Murphy UAV


As surveying consultants that work with you, understand your needs and develop the most cost-effective survey solution to meet your unique requirements, Murphy Surveys recognize the importance in investing in the latest and most innovative technology and skilled personnel to enhance the capabilities of the company’s deliverables.

Fully integrated

There will no longer be the need for multiple reports as clients will benefit from the ability to have access to all required information in one single place.

Increase efficiency

The UAV acts a mass data capturing tool but with the added benefits of being able to cover vast areas of land mass in a fraction of the time of traditional methods of inspection.

Reduce risk

Potential risks are reduced as the UAV can be implemented to access areas which may previously been considered too hazardous.


Murphy Surveys are continuously listening to the needs of their clients and as such launched the Specialist Inspection Division for the inspection of bridges, tunnels, marine structures and buildings.

The UAV will integrate with the Specialist Inspections division to provide greater accessibility and reducing Health & Safety risks.

With services available across a number of sectors and deliverables including Dense Point Clouds, Digital Terrain Models (DTMs), Digital Service Models (DSMs) and ortho-photos, our UAV will act as a tool to the existing inspections team of highly trained Chartered Engineers within Murphy Surveys.

Murphy Surveys provide inspection services in the following industries:

Building | Construction | Infrastructure | Oil & Gas | Shipping | Renewables | Rail

Murphy UAV
Murphy UAV BIM

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Murphy Surveys provide an exclusive 3D surveying and CAD/Revit modeling department to encompass retrofit, refurbishment and renovation projects and support the BIM process from the project output. Murphy Surveys have been providing 3D Building Information Modeling services for many years offering bespoke data processing software and tailored work-flows ensuring clients get value and precision from their BIM investment.

Our BIM and UAV departments introduce the ability to gather more comprehensive imagery externally and from a variety of angles, ensuring more dense information can be collated.

Once prepared, all data will be accessible from one location rather than clients having to deal with multiple consultants.

Research & Development

In continued efforts to improve the services we can offer, Murphy Surveys will explore the capabilities of the industry and technology as a whole.

Through working closely with key stakeholders, industry leaders and academic personnel, our goal is to ensure that all potential capabilities of the innovation behind UAV are realised.

Through close collaboration with clients, we aim to develop innovative inspection services in order to provide the most economic and effective solutions possible.

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