Murphy Surveys to undertake Track Correlation Surveys for Clarion Housing Group on the Merton Regeneration Project


Murphy Surveys to undertake Track Correlation Surveys for Clarion Housing Group on the Merton Regeneration Project


We’re pleased to be working with Clarion Housing Group on the delivery of geospatial rail surveys on the London Underground Northern Line tunnels for the Merton Regeneration Project. The regeneration project aims to deliver around 2,800 new, energy efficient homes across three neighbourhoods in London, Eastfields and Ravensbury in Mitcham and High Path in Wimbledon. The scheme will also see the development of 10,000sqm of retail, leisure, office and work space, aiming to create more jobs for the area as well as larger green community spaces.


Trevor Moore, Head of Infrastructure, Murphy Surveys UK comments:

We’re excited to work with Clarion to provide geospatial services to assist in the correlation of the North and Southbound Northern Line tunnels that run through the Merton Regeneration Scheme. The project will include track geometry, clearance and tunnel condition surveys spanning from and including South Wimbledon Station for approximately 760m towards Colliers Wood Station. The captured survey data will be used to create a 3D Microstation model to London Underground Limited’s (LUL) CAD standards together with an as-built BIM model in REVIT.  These models will assist Clarion and their design teams make critical design decisions for the development of this ambitious project. The final data will be integrated into the project design model to ensure a clash free design.



Track geometry and clearance survey

The survey will commence with the installation of a survey control and GPS baseline. Once set up the track geometry and scan data will be surveyed using an Amberg IMS5000 track trolley system.  This data will be processed to provide accurate track geometry and clearance data.


3D model

Static laser scanning will be carried out of the above and below ground structures of the station itself, including the platform areas, vent shaft, escalator machine chambers and other ‘back of house’ areas so that an accurate 3D model of the station is created similar to the running tunnels. This will include all disused spaces or voids that can be identified wherever possible including the cross passages at track level.


Tunnel condition survey

Photographic visual surveys will be completed for all LUL structures to determine visual changes during the project and give the client assurance that the programme of work will not affect these structures.


Delivery of data

A 3D line-string model of the station and tunnel will be provided in Microstation format showing the arrangement of the station and tunnels in relation to the above ground features and control, and a 3D as-built Revit model will be provided showing the station to a LOD200 (Level of detail).


The project has secured detailed planning consent for two early phases on Ravensbury and High Path (155 homes in total), and outline planning approval has recently been given for the remaining 2,600 homes which will come forward in approximately 15 phases over the next 12 years.


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