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Monitoring Surveys Expertise

Since our inception in 1983, Murphy Surveys has been dedicated to providing customers with cost-effective project solutions through a mixture of highly skilled personnel, decades of experience and using the right tools for the task at hand. Our monitoring surveys department provides sensor equipment and manual monitoring services for railway track, tunnel and shaft, bridge, slope, embankment, building, road, utility, retaining walls and environmental parameters such as noise, vibration and dust.

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For tunnelling projects and large-scale monitoring we strengthen our expertise with the professional know-how of our Austrian partner company Geodata. Geodata develops TBM guidance systems, geotechnical sensors and tunnel monitoring software. Decades of experience on tunnel construction projects all over the globe give Geodata’s engineers and software developers an invaluable advantage and are a great support for our local tunnel engineers.

Recent Projects
Recently we successfully completed the Crossrail C430 I&M contract at London, Farringdon Station for Laing O’Rourke – Strabag JV. Murphy Surveys and Geodata JV are working together on C410 Bond Street and Tottenham Court Road SCL monitoring for the BFK JV, and on the Vauxhall LU station upgrade project for Bechtel.

The level of quality in our work has led to us working for TfL, LUL, DLR, Network Rail, Thames Water, Arup, Bechtel, CH2M Hill, Atkins, Canary Wharf Contractors, Berkeley Homes and J. Murphy & Son.


Monitoring Solutions


Tunnel Monitoring

We design and provide independent primary and secondary tunnel and site monitoring systems to ensure that a robust backup system is present in the event of any alarming reading. We therefore ensure the double check of movements and we also prevent loss of data in case of any technical failure of a monitoring component.

Track Monitoring

Track Monitoring

The measurements of the monitoring points are carried out at certain intervals from mobile total stations at fixed positions. The measuring points are fitted with suitable targets for precise recording of their position. The survey is controlled via the EUPALINOS software system and is based on the automatic target recognition capability of modern total stations.

Road Monitoring

Road Monitoring

Murphy Surveys road monitoring solutions are based on Geodata’s Georobot-system, using two Leica TM 50 total stations located on monitoring pillars and connected to a PC via RS485 lines.

The monitoring procedure of measurement, calculation and DB management is controlled by Geodata’s EUPALINOS EUPALINOS software where the data is analysed and statistical outlier readings caused by moving cars or rainwater are eliminated.


Building Monitoring

Murphy Surveys offer monitoring surveys services for the construction of new tunnels, shafts and cross passages or for deep excavation and piling works near any buildings and structures which could compromise their structural geometry and stability.

The demolition of multi-storey buildings and deep excavation of basements or the piling of foundations can cause movement, settlement or heave off the ground. This displacement requires monitoring, especially when unevenly distributed. Differential movement causes strain on buildings and structures.

Malahide Rail Bridge

Bridge Monitoring

Murphy Surveys provide laser scanning and hydrographic surveys, bridge, pier and deck monitoring, as well as scour and sonar monitoring.

Our tilt sensors and strain gauges are highly reliable and are ruggedised to withstand any weather condition and seawater. Usually we combine horizontal and vertical tilt sensors with seismic sensors and if necessary ATS (automatic total stations).

Utility Monitoring

Utility Monitoring

In modern urban environments pavements and roads are often packed with utility runs of all types, from water and power mains, to gas and electricity and fibre optic communication cables. We specialise in detecting the cables and pipes by using Ground Penetrating Radar and other technologies – this is done before monitoring begins.


Environmental Monitoring

In addition to the full range of geometrical monitoring offered by Murphy Surveys, we also can provide a full service of environmental monitoring including Vibration Monitoring, Noise Measurements and Dust Monitoring.

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