Euclideon Geoverse


Murphy Surveys is now the official distributor, throughout Ireland and the UK, for Euclideon’s Geoverse software. Geoverse’s Massive Data Manager is designed for users to instantly and effortlessly visualise large 3D point cloud data without decimation of point cloud resolution. Geoverse Convert allows users to compress their point cloud data down to 5-20% of its original size, for effortless storage, streaming and use in Geoverse MDM. Unlimited Ortho allows users to visualise up to 140TB of orthophotos and DSMs in less than one second. Geoverse’s Software Development Kit allows OEMs to integrate Euclideon’s revolutionary Unlimited Detail 3D visualisation technology into their own products.


Geoverse MDM

As the popularity of 3D geospatial data grows, a need arises to handle the large datasets acquired from Airborne, terrestrial 3D Laser scanning and photogrammetry. This once difficult and time consuming task has now been made simple with Euclideon’s Geoverse Massive Data Manager. Geoverse MDM is based on Euclideon’s Unlimied Detail technology. At the heart of this technology is a 3D search algorithm that grabs one pojnt for every screen pixel. Therefore it can display previously unimaginable point clouds sizes without the need for a powerful CPU or graphics card. Because it functions in this way, the total volume of data is irrelevant and the algorithms speed depends on screen resolution alone instead of the size of the dataset.

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Euclideon Geoverse
Euclideon Geoverse

Geoverse Convert

As Surveyors, we have witnessed first-hand the difficulty in working with large point cloud datasets acquired from Airborne Laser scanning, Aerial Photography and Terrestrial Laser Scanning. Such enormous datasets have proven to be extremely difficult to visualise and work with.

Geoverse Convert has the answer to such common geospatial problems with its unique ability to compress data down to 5-20% of its original size, without degrading quality. This solution allows data of unlimited size to be converted and imported into Geoverse MDM in less than one second, whether stored on a hard drive, flash drive, local server or over the internet.

Unlimited Ortho

UnlimitedOrtho® 1.1 allows users to visualise up to a volume of 140TB of orthophotos and digital surface models (DSM) in less than a second. For the first time, the user can easily visualise their projects allowing them perform an overall quality assessment on the data. Unlimited Ortho allows real time visualisation of an entire dataset, replacing slow, inadequate and size limited visualisation techniques which have been used to date.

Euclideon Geoverse

Geoverse SDK

Original equipment manufacturers interested in being at the forefront of a technological revolution now have the chance to incorporate Euclideons Unlimited detail technology into their geospatial software packages by becoming a Smart Partner of Euclideon.

Users of LiDAR related software packages are more and more recently demanding better techniques for interacting with such large point clouds within the package, as well as faster loading times to match their ever growing datasets.

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