Digital Twin

Murphy Asset Capture, verified data capture for your Digital Twin

Murphy Surveys has invested in yet another powerful technology, the indoor mobile mapping tool, MAC (Murphy Asset Capture) powered by NavVis. MAC allows users to realise the true value of a digital asset; bringing visualisation, accurate 3D geometric data, searchable and intelligent points of interest, and navigation to the indoor environment. It creates an accurate spatial foundation for your digital twin.

Why choose MAC powered by NavVis?

  • Accurate Survey Grade measurements from point cloud data
  • 360 Panoramic Imagery for visual inspection
  • Powerful & Flexible point of interest system from existing sources or creation from the field
  • Accessible on a variety of devices, no need for CAD workstations or powerful 3D software
  • Open API allowing for true flexibility, customization & integration into your existing systems

What MAC can bring to:


  • Leasing
  • Customer engagement, hotdesking, room booking
  • Retail
  • Advertising platform
  • Navigation
  • Area planning, space management
  • MBS



  • Effective & efficient facilities management
  • Targeted customer engagement & navigation
  • Fire plan
  • Security & emergency planning
  • Reduce travel to site with remote orientation planning of works


  • Reduce operational shutdowns with desktop planning
  • Reduce travel to site with remote access
  • Health & safety inductions
  • Visitor engagement
  • Reconfiguring /designing operational spaces /production lines and space planning



  • Construction validation
  • Progress mapping
  • Design review meetings / collaboration
  • Handover, snagging and compliance (dilap)

Case studies

View some our case studies below:



Find our how MAC can support as well as help reduce costs to your projects. Email our expert, Chris Heap for a quick chat at

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