Close Range Laser Scanning

Close Range Laser Scanning

Close Range Laser Scanning

For our new service, close range laser scanning we use a portable coordinate measuring machine with integrated laser scanner. This technology is a fully integrated high definition 3D measurement solution for uses that require metrology grade precision. It can be used for 3D inspections, dimensional analysis and reverse engineering tasks.

Other features that benefit our clients:

  • Generous flexibility, resulting in the ideal tool to precisely measure hard to reach areas
  • Fully integrated scanning solution
  • Operation is quick and easy
  • The seven axis arm alternates around for a more natural feel

Our Experience

Keystone Supplies are natural stone specialists that appointed Murphy Surveys the task of measuring several pieces of limestone requiring replacement in two windows of St James’ Church, a protected structure in Dublin. The dimensions were used as a base for the design of the new stone components.

Keystone Supplies produced the new parts using the concept drawings provided by Murphy Surveys and within a few days the replacement stone blocks were ready for installation, fitting first time.

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