Celebrating UK Mapping Festival 2018


uk mapping festival

Celebrating UK Mapping Festival 2018

This week is the UK’s first ever Mapping Festival, a week-long programme of events to celebrate our favourite topic… maps! There’s a range of exciting activities taking place throughout London, from educational talks and seminars to hands-on workshops and even a mapathon, focusing on key themes on GeoTechnologies, Mapping for the Future and Imagery and Survey in a 3D world.


Mapping forms the lifeblood of our organisation and is the reason Murphy Surveys exists today. From the humble theodolite through to satellite positioning and now the introduction of 3D ultra-high speed laser scanners and UAV’s, the world of geographic data capture and map making has developed significantly over the past 50 years.


The first ever maps were created using brushes and parchment paper for example, now we have highly advanced software to create 3D point cloud maps of buildings, landscapes, tunnels and other natural and manmade structures. With this data we’re able to create augmented reality to visualise and experience different geographic environments and even support the mapping required to develop the concept of autonomous vehicles.


Many people will relate a map to exploration, to go for a hike or to locate an address for example.  Now we’re offering geographic data for our clients to accurately construct, build and verify structures and landscapes. Using maps we can enable our clients to reduce risk onsite, reduce any potential for project delays and more importantly help safeguard the lives of the people in and around a construction site.


From a legacy created by our founder the late Peter Murphy, we have grown to employ a team of over 240 passionate surveyors who live and breathe map making everyday. We’re excited to have been part of this journey for almost 40 years and we’re excited about what the next 40 years will hold!


Whether you’re involved in surveying or have a general interest in mapping, then the UK Mapping Festival is for you. For more information check out the event website.


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