Geoverse Convert

Geoverse Convert

With Euclideon’s Unlimited Detail technology, the loading times and speed of performance are unrelated to the size or resolution of the model displayed – such technology has now made it possible to fly through and visualise, in real time, every square cm of your local area, mine site, or other area of interest, no matter how large the geographic area spans.

The clear advantages of this software are evident in the Geospatial industry where point clouds are becoming larger, more detailed and extremely challenging to visualise and work with.

During the compression process, only duplicate data is removed, ensuring data quality is not degraded. Smaller data files also ensure that the historical archiving of survey data is made easier and cheaper, allowing for accurate change detection and analysis.

Currently the following formats are accepted by Geoverse Convert: OBJ, BIN, e57, LAS, LAZ ,FLS, PTS, PLY, PTX, XYB, XYZ, TXT and LIargBin.

Geoverse can convert 4 billion points per hour to Unlimited Detail format and can render all point cloud data with no size limit. It is possible to centrally store 3D models and load over a network or stream over the internet to multiple users, instead of needing large amounts of hard drive space and installing local copies of the model on individual computers

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